About me

Over fifteen years ago I began working for Motorola’s Consumer Experience Division. Buoyed by the encouraging words of my commencement speaker, Cookie Monster, I was prepared to tackle any task. Climb any mountain. Eat any cookie. I’d been schooled in print, but how different could that be from designing for screens? 

As it turns out, it could be very different. But the unexpected challenges of that first job laid the foundation on which I have built my professional life: recognizing and challenging assumptions (those held by others, as well as my own). Working within constraints. Sometimes eating vegetables. I am still as bright-eyed and optimistic about design as I was on my first day as a professional.

I’m just a little older. A little wiser. A little fatter. I don’t measure success in likes, looks, clicks or addictiveness. I want to know that someone, somewhere, finds what we’ve made together to be useful.

Things I can do

• UI / UX Design
• Design Thinking
• Visual Design
• Plan & Facilitate Design Thinking workshops
• Prototype
• Design Manage
• Cook amazing Pierogi


Im a wizard!

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe After Effects
• Sketch
• Pen & paper
• Autodesk Sketchbook
• Mural.ly
• InVision
• Affinity Designer
• Notion

Exploring incantations with:

• Webflow
• Figma
• InVision Studio
• Procreate
• Affinity Publisher
• Blender 3D

Hobbies & interests

That can be up to you. If you've made it this far then you already know a lot about me. Feel free to contact me to talk more, & to summarize things, here is a list of things I love.

• Design
• Cartoons
• Graphic novels & comics
• Drawing in general
• Drawing nonsense is better
• Tea & beer
• Heavy Metal \m\ OoO/m/

What's next?

Good question! I am always up for an adventure & I am always up for doing something creative. I am always looking to improve & learn, & would love the opportunity to draw more. If I can grow while elevating those around me I've likely found the most perfect place in the world.