About me.

I like to make. If I'm not busy creating, I'm not happy. At first I just wanted to make beautiful things, now I want to create something useful, & then make it beautiful.

Things I can do

• Visual Design
• UX Design
• Design Thinking
• Plan & Facilitate Design Thinking workshops
• Prototype
• Design Manage
• Creative Direction


Im a wizard!

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe After Effects
• Sketch
• Pen & paper
• Autodesk Sketchbook
• Mural.ly
• InVision

Exploring incantations with:

• Webflow
• Figma
• Affinity Designer
• Dropbox Paper

Things that make me happy

That can be up to you. If you've made it this far then you already know a lot about me. Feel free to contact me to talk more, & summarize here is a list of things I love.

• Design
• Cartoons
• Graphic novels & Comics
• Drawing
• Drawing nonsense
• Tea & beer
• Heavy Metal

A brief History

The early years

I grew up in western Michigan. My family had twenty two acres & every neighbor around us had at least as much. I rarely seen my neighbors & so most of my time was spent exploring the woods.

Comics, cartoons, bikes & NES was my childhood in a nutshell. I dedicated most of my free & academic time to exploring different art mediums. When it came to figuring out a college I wanted to get into sequential art.

I was going to work for Marvel (not literally, but that was my dream). Only one problem, my hometown college didn't offer much in terms of art, let alone 'sequential art'. Not all hope was lost, I stumbled on a Visual Communications program.

Life in Chicago

I finished my degree here at the Illinois Institute of Art, & where my design career began. I did a lot here, ran & co-owned a gallery, met many friends, collaborated on more things that I can ever remember. I lived in Chicago for thirteen years & it is a place that I will always call home.

America's land down under

The wife & I always joke that "Texas is the Australia of America", it's about six inches from the sun & something always wants to bite, sting or eat you. That being said it's been an amazing move that has supported the start of a family & many other wonderful experiences.