Andrew Thompson

Visual, UX Designer & Design Thinker

2014 - Current

IBM Design

IoT Vertical Industries Design Team Lead

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Awards: Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA)

2011 - 2014

Isobar (previously RoundArch)

Sr. Design Consultant

My last role was taking the lead for a redesign of the Air Force Portal. This was a massive collaboration between UX/Design/Dev to create a low bandwidth & responsive portal. I also contributed to such accounts as: Healthways, Zynga, Herff Jones, Outdoor Roadmap, Brown Brother & Harriman.

2010 - 2011

MNML / Uncommon LLC

Sr. Visual Designer

As their senior designer I worked closely with the Creative Director at MNML to develop iPhone, iPod & iPad case designs, illustrations & presentations for retailers such as: Apple, Target & Radio Shack. In addition I designed & maintained the packaging for Uncommon products, ads for magazines (Juxtapose) & other promotional materials.

2006 - 2013



While it started off as an art collective of friends it quickly evolved into a Low-Brow art gallery show casing local to international artists. I worked on everything from merchandise, curation of shows, hanging art & helping to managing artist/partner relationships.

2005 - 2010

Motorola CXD

Lead Designer for iDen Android Products

Over my 5 1/2 years with Motorola my responsibilities have covered a wide gamut of mobile design. My many roles have included such work as developing new design languages, iconography, interaction, themes. As the Lead Designer for iDen Android products. I was required to design specifically with the Android platform & design patterns in mind, while working closely with developers to implement new widgets & application designs while maintaining the already established Motorola & iDen design languages.

2008 & 2010

Burger King Studios & Ford Fiesta Movement

Illustration & Art

I was hired for the Ford Fiesta Movement project. It is a promotional event celebrating the new Ford Fiesta. My role as part of a greater whole was to design a car wrap to promote the vehicle at events around the Chicago area. Mess Marketing approached me for Burger Kings Creative Studio campaign. BK Studio’s put on 3 main events involving select Chicago artist to create a mural, custom shoes & crown for the events. Our goal was to create original art work inspired by Burger King & apply it on a 20’x12’ wall.

2009 - 2011

Earlybird Creative

Visual Design & Illustration

Earlybird had originally came to me to help them design an avatar system for a software development project. The final product was 4 base avatar shapes with 9 different flesh tones & 2 special colors. There were 100’s of pieces of media developed around facial features, clothing, hair & accessories. I later freelanced with Earlybird Creative helping them to visually design a media management application for Windows & Mac OS’s.



Visual Design & UX

I have worked with this industrial designer numerous times since 2010 to design UI concepts for different products & clients including: Harley Davidson & Riddell. These designs have been for iOS & proprietary devices for those company’s.

2003 - 2005

Illinois Institute of Art Chicago

BFA Visual Communications

2000 - 2003

Baker College Muskegon

Associates in Business & Graphic Communications