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A site designed to help smokers manage their cravings & avoid relapse. Quitnet had launched in 1995 & has had a community of users for nearly twenty years. With more & more competition Quitnet approached Isobar to help them retain their current users, while revitalizing the current web experience to remain the leading experience to quit smoking.

Project Overview

My role
Visual Design & UX
Smokers who have recently quit
Creative Director, Healthways (Client)
Adobe Illustrator

Retain, Revitalize, & Reemerge the Quitnet Experience

The older Quitnet experience was in need of a refresh that would support retain its current user base. Improve quit rates, while smoothly moving users to the new experience.


Deliver three different concepts to present to our Quitnet stakeholders. In each experience I tried to engage the 'quitter' in a few different ways & tones to see what might resonate best.

My role

I was one of three designers creating concepts. We worked with a Copywriter to give us basic content & tweak it to match the tone of our specific concepts. Each designer was tasked to create 2 - 3 key screens to explain their concepts. Here are my two primary concepts.

It's time to quit

This concept was all about seeing your craving coming & leaning on the community for support. Reaching out when you needed help or being proactive when you saw that someone else was going through or coming up on a rough patch would strengthen your network.

Your timeline

The header space in this concept was a timeline & history of your quitting experience.

When you can anticipate when cravings will be the worst, there are steps that you can take to prepare.

Seeing how long you or another user has been smoke free encourages you to keep up that streak.

A little encouragement

Everyone needs a little encouragement every now & again. Everyday is different & cravings can hit at anytime. The first thing that they read is a message from Quitnet to tell them what to expect.

If the cravings are really bad they're encouraged to reach out to the community or a coach to talk them through their craving in person.

Your feed

All the info that you need to be prepared for the day. Armed with information to battle your cravings & extra encouragement. Not everyone has the same motivations for quitting, for some it's health, for others it might be financial.

Your friend needs help! Offer some words of encouragement, tell her a joke, distract her from what might be triggering this craving.

It's a journey

This concept took a more light hearted approach to engaging with the Quitnet User. Quitting any addiction is hard, so why not try to take the edge off with some humor?

I tried to create some characters that they would become familiar with throughout their time on Quitnet. These characters would be with you at every step of your journey & help to guide you through this fictitious land that is your quit.

Welcome to Quitnet

Right off the bat you can tell that this is a different experience than the old Quitnet. Who are these characters & why are they gathered around a camp fire burning all their cigarettes? 

Signing up not only reveals more about the characters but also their journey becomes yours.

Welcome to Hell

As you enter different phases of your quit the site would reflect them in setting & the characters that you encounter. Some who's goal it is to trip you up while others are their to help.