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Brown Brothers Harriman

BBH approached Isobar with the need for an iOS application that their clients could use to check in on their investments at anytime. BBH clients are different than you typical investors, in that you need to invest a minimum of $10M. The investors are only given a few clients to manage & they build very personal relationships over time. Imagine if you were on a first time basis with your bank.

Project Overview

My role
Sr Visual Designer
BBH clients
Creative Director & Client
Adobe Illustrator

The challenge

Create an application that allowed BBH clients to check in & feel more connected to their investments at any time.


Trusted & Lux was the final concept for this application. These clients are familiar with a certain standard of living that should be reflected throughout their experience. In addition to being able to check in anytime & anywhere on their investments this app should feel right at home on top of their solid oak wood desk or turn heads in first class.

My role

Sr Visual Designer developing concepts, final assets for production & some of the UX (I can't take all the credit for that work)

Trusted & Lux mood board

The Trusted & Lux theme was inspired by a quote from one of our stakeholders.

"It should feel like you're walking into the nicest, most distinguished room that you've ever been in."

From that quote I got to thinking about the types of objects, materials, textures & sounds that might be present in that distinguished room. These men & women don't spend their entire lives in this one room & what other experiences & view's are they familiar with? The sound of waves on the side of a sail boat or the view from their private jet perhaps.

Imagining this room gave way to the mood board below, where I played not only with the imagery they would recognize, but tables & data visualizations that they would become intimately familiar with as they used this application. Extending the BBH brands base color palette to include rich metallic tones that would become base of the Trusted & Lux concept. Hinting at what the app might look like & how it was inspired by the typography of various financial publications all made this concept feel familiar even though they were seeing it for the first time.

Early concepts

Early concepts drew very closely from the mood board. They were simple, clean & uncluttered. Unfortunately, they lacked key content that a BBH client was needed. We requested sample balance sheets, tear sheets & statements that they would want to review via the BBH app.

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Account Summary

Exploring data visualizations

As the experience began to take shape & gain depth I began to explore different ways to visualize their wealth. Could each key area of the app have its own unique visualization & clearly communicate the key information of gains, losses, growth at a glance?

Final concept screens

Here are the final screens that the client approved of before we moved into production. The client could see & reach out to their financial team, get notifications, explore their wealth through statements & read publications.

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Final Hub experience

The final hub experience for the BBH application. The client can get all the high level information they need, the team that is helping this with investing, key articles & more from their hub.

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Final Reports experience

The final reports experience for the BBH application. The client can get all the nitty gritty details about their invests, drill down while still remaining highly scannable.

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