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Innergy Landing Page

Innergy is a service offered by Healthways to help its users manage their weight.

Project Overview

My role
Visual Design & UX
Employees of medium to large companies
Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Reduce program abandonment

Healthways found that they were seeing a dramatic decline is user engagement after a few weeks of use. We found that users of the Innergy service we're unaware of how involved the program was & what to expect.


Create a landing page that would friendly, welcoming, & clearly set expectations about the program before sign up to encourage users to stick with the program.

My role

I was the only designer dedicated to the project. I worked alongside a copywriter to find the right tone & balance of content that was easily consumable by its audience. In addition to the layout & interactions I also illustrated the icons & devices seen throughout the page.

Innergy homepage tile 08
Innergy homepage tile 02
Innergy homepage tile 03
Innergy homepage tile 04
Innergy homepage tile 05
Innergy homepage tile 06
Tracking made easy
Innergy homepage tile 08


Encourage understanding not sign up. This can be an intense program for some people. I wanted to allow the user to first off get an idea of how in depth the Innergy program was at a glance, while giving them the freedom to bounce between modules & explore freely at their own pace.

Sign up anywhere

Every user has a different level of comfort & understanding about the program. In some cases there were returning users, sometime this was their first introduction. Someone could refresh their understanding of a module, learn more, & ultimately sign up at any point.