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Outdoor Roadmap

The outdoor roadmap is aimed at educating hunters on best practices, safety & preparing for certification. This particular project was aimed at kids who are competing in archery both locally & nationally.

Project Overview

My role
Visual Designer
Children competing in archery competitions
Creative Director & Client
Adobe Illustrator

Connect a national community

Most children & families don't have the ability of means to travel to all the different competitions throughout their state or nationally, how might we all kids to compete with their peers without leaving home? 


The E-Championship was the solution that connected these kids to their broader community. It also gave them a place to brag about their achievements, stats, performance, etc.

My role

Visual designer working along side my Creative Director & Copywriter to develop achievement badges for the kids as the won various competitions locally & nationally.

Final versions

I remember back to being younger & playing baseball. My folks had shelves of trophies & how proud I was of those ridiculous shiny statues. For each badge I wanted to give them the feeling that they were trophies, hence the wooden bases. Trophies have to be shiny right? Absolutely, which is why most of the 'badges' have a metallic gold look.

At the end of the day, these were for kids & needed to be fun & something that they want to earn & brag about. .

Award shelf

Because these competitions could be national & these kids often didn't have the means to travel to every competition. The E-Championship allowed kids to compete at the national level, show off their achievements, contribute to their teams without leaving their local area.