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The story

Motorola Consumer Experience Division (CXD) was the start of my professional career & where I began to evolve into an User Experience designer. When I first started at Moto I wondered how my education in print was going to help me as an interaction designer. I quickly found the correlations between what I knew about print & translate it this new medium that couldn't be further from everything I knew.

I was up for the challenge & from here I learned how to do a lot with very little. Screen sizes were small, you were lucky to have a screen of 240 x 320. Icon sizes ranged from 8 x 8 to 48 x 48 & when you're building icons pixel by pixel getting rid of what isn't necessary is crucial to readability.

Motorola laid the foundation for my career to this point. It was a crash course in mobile, creating design languages, tiny spaces, interaction design, & creating holistic experiences.

Key projects & experiences


Collections often consumed about three months of my time each year. It was a collaboration with the Industrial design team to build future facing experiences that we hoped to achieve in a three to five year mark. I worked on everything from UX, visual design, illustration & animation.

Moto i1

Lead designer. This was the first full touch iDen device. My primary focus on this device was the design & implementation of Push to Talk functionality. Deliver final UI assets & collaborate with development to ensure proper implementation of the designs.
Project details

Moto i886

Lead designer. My main goal was to adapt the Android OS to a non-touch device, apply the Moto Design Language, build out all iDen specific functionality, deliver final UI assets & collaborate with development to ensure proper implementation of the designs.
Project details

Design Language

Lead designer. I did the early concept work with a few other designers setting metaphors & styles for the Motorola Icon Library. This was updated every few years as well as special one off icon sets for luxury & hi-tier devices.

Motorola MTV Urge

Created custom UI design language for MTV product interfaces. This was a music first experience that they wanted to reflect the collaboration between Motorola & IBM.

Moto Aura

A steel phone with Swiss gears, & the first ever round display. I designed the icons & icon animations for this very limited device.


An amazing design system designed by myself & another smart guy Joe Call before design systems were all the craze. As me about Skeletor.