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Roles & responsibilities

My role
2013 - 2014
Sr Design Consultant

The story

Day one. Log into a government site for a background check. This took almost three days to complete & had to remember & verify every detail of my life over the last ten years. Seriously, what did I sign up for? 

The USAF was probably one of the most formidable clients of my career in scale & complexity. At this point I had never taken on a project that needed to account for more content, variety of users or technical constraints.

When I approach a project today I can say that the USAF conditioned me to start with the 'worst case scenario'. What is the maximum amount of content, & what are the real challenges facing the user?

Key projects

USAF Portal Redesign

The Problem

Created over ten years ago, the Air Force Portal is the single site for Airmen to securely receive communications, access information, and connect and collaborate with other Airmen. However, the old system had become cluttered, was difficult to navigate and didn’t support mobile access. Today’s Airmen were unable to do their job efficiently..
Isobar case study
USAF Portal project


A fully scaleable site was the first step in creating the redesign of the portal. To update the look & feel we took inspiration from dashboards, planes & colors of the sky between dawn to dusk to create an experience that felt new, modern & familiar to Airmen.

Role & deliverables

It was my role to help concept a redesign for the USAF Portal. My deliverables included multiple visual concepts, HiFi screens, final production graphics & working with development on implementation.

We later built a series of animated videos to help Airmen transition to the new portal.

Out comes

We created a portal that not only looked & felt new, we were able to consolidate their content to be more accessible. Focusing on the readability allowed Airmen to scan & read content faster than before, but also reduced load times significantly for those who had extremely poor connections.

Montgomery Information Technology Summit Illustration


Every year Roundarch (Isobar) creates the booklet for the MITS summit. I had the pleasure of designing the cover for this years summit whos theme was "who moved my cheese".
Project details

iPad Maintenance Application

The Problem

Quite often mechanics would begin work only to find out that they didn't have all the parts needed to complete their work. Grounded aircraft directly affects training & how many missions can be flown.


This was an exploration in Augmented Reality & how Air Force mechanics can leverage the camera on their device to quickly identify an aircraft, assess what work is need & whether or not they had all the parts in stock to complete the work reducing the time an aircraft remains grounded.

Role & deliverables

Design Key Screens, icons, etc for a proof of concept.