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My role
2014 - Present
Design Team Lead for Watson IoT Vertical Industries, Analytic Solutions, & Safer Planet/Smarter 
Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA), two Managers Choice Awards

The story

Have you ever known something was missing but didn't know quite what it was? That is IBM design for me. Since I started my career with Motorola as an Interactive Designer I was always looking for methodologies & a toolset that I could use with my team mates to solve problems together. IBM introduced me to that framework to offer.

IBM was my first exposure to Design Thinking. Throughout my time at IBM I have learned & augmented the core IBM Design Thinking toolset to meet the unique needs of each team. I am always exploring new tools to better collaborate when we all come together.

I have never faced bigger problems, more frequently than my time with IBM. Without the help & collaboration of my teammates designing an effective solution here would be next to impossible.

Projects & Experiences

Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Vertical Industries

In one year as the Design Team Lead I have shipped two projects with my team. The first is an application designed to track peoples behavior within a space, & the second is a way to connect, explore & gain insight from your connected IoT devices.

Analytic Solutions Design Guide (ASDG)

I was one of the lead contributors to the build out of the ASDG. Collaborating with all the designers in the Analytic Solutions portfolio (40) to build out basic components, then lead a smaller tactical team to deliver an MVP Sketch & Illustrator design kit which was then expanded to the final coded version that any team could use to bootstrap their design.

New Jersey Transit Authority

I was brought in to help with a "crit sit" or critical situation & work directly with the client to address their needs, recommend changes to the exist UX & deliver a vision for an experience to manage the 122 miles & millions of daily commuters of the New Jersey Turn Pike.

Insight Foundations for Energy

Worked closely & collaborated with our Subject Matter Experts (SME), Offering Management to explore the asset management of our energy grids.

Safer Planet / Smarter Cities

As the Sr Designer on the team it was my job to lead & mentor the other designers on my team. My primary focus was creating wireframes for various experiences, creation of Design Thinking artifacts (ie; Persona's, Empathy Maps, As-is, etc) & making sure that our deliverables align with our Hills & Roadmaps.

Real Time Crime Center

Originally pitched a 'portal' to an officers many applications. Interviewed local law enforcement & SMEs, we ended up designing an experience that kept an office grounded in one location without having to jump out to multiple sites & systems.

Financial Operations & Planning Management

Design Team Lead & was tasked at bring disperate applications under the same portfolio together, & begin to create a consistent language & user experience.

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