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Roles & responsibilities

My role
2011 - 2014
Sr Design Consultant

The story

After freelancing for a year I was contacted by Roundarch (Isobar) as a design candidate. Originally located in the west loop of Chicago. The design team was small, about eight of us in Chicago. Even though the team was small, they were close, independent & extremely talented.

I worked with four main clients & touched, helped out many other projects. In each I was given the chance to work with new people & each person I worked with set a very high bar.

While it was a bit intimidating Isobar felt like going to work with good friends. In fact an old team mate is now one of my best friends. Here I learned that you do your best work when you work with your friends.

Key Projects & Experiences

United States Air Force

I worked on various projects for USAF during my time at Roundarch (isobar) such as reimagining their portal, storyboarding education & onboarding videos for the new portal, iconography, & illustration for their technology summit in Montgomery Alabama. I worked closely with my CD, UX & Dev counterparts.
USAF Portal redesign


Healthways offered a suite of services & applications to get people to track their habits & to engage in a healthier lifestyle. My key role here was as a visual designer creating concepts for a refresh of Quitnet, icons for various products or translating a web interface to mobile application for Android.
Innergy Landing Page
Innergy Iconography

Brown Brothers & Hariman

If you haven't heard of BBH I wouldn't blame you. I hadn't heard of them either until the project fell in my lap & thats probably because I didn't have a minimum of $10m sitting around. That being said said BBH works with people who did have that much cash laying about & they wanted a mobile app to help they track their investments & check in on how BBH was managing their funds. I worked on visual concepts for the app & then worked through implementation.
Project Details